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LED Digital Signage & Displays

Bright, Vivid, Attention-Grabbing Displays

Getem signs can provide a complete sale and installation service for your fixed outdoor LED display anywhere South East Queensland including council approvals.

Outdoor LED screens are brighter than indoor screens and are manufactured for weather resistance to meet water, heat and cold proof ratings.


LED Signage Grab's People's Attaention

LED screens are a powerful form of advertising. Traditional billboards have been around for many years, but they use a few traditional light bulbs to display information. These outdated billboards do not always attract the attention that is needed to sell their products. In contrast, LED screens can display vivid and bright images that are much more likely to catch someone’s eye and make them interested. The biggest advantage of LED advertising is its attention-grabbing capabilities. Perfect for any type of event from festivals to fairs to college events, bright and dynamic displays will grab the attention of passersby.

Low Maintenance & High Durability

Digital billboards are low maintenance and highly resistant to damage. Traditional billboards, on the other hand, feature vinyl that is easily damaged and light fixtures that require constant upkeep. When you compare the two technologies, it’s easy to see why LED technology is becoming the preferred choice for advertisers across the country.

Complete Control of Your Message

When you sponsor an event with digital billboards, you can control your message. For example, if you own a storefront business, you can push flash deals and short-term discounts to attract impulse buyers. LED screens are great at attracting retail buyers who might otherwise walk right past your store without noticing it.

Full Set Up & Installation

When used correctly, LED displays can be advantageous to almost every type of business. All you need is the right mix of creativity and value to catch the attention of your customers.

We Take The Hassle Out & Make IT Easy for you

If you’re looking for LED advertising services, contact the team at Insane Impact today. We’re the premier provider of LED screen rental products and services in the country. Find out how we can help your business make an huge impact!


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